Harris Electronics Line Card

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Antenna Products Antennacraft, Channel Master, Tandy, Wineguard
Audio-Intercom Equipment-Two-Way Radios-Scanners Aiphone, Atkinson Dynamics, Atlas Soundolier, Bogen Communications, Calrad, Electro-Voice, Fannon Courier, J. W. Davis, Jobcom/Ritron, Motorola-Spirit, Quam Nichols, Speco, Talk-A-Phone, Telex, TOA, Uniden, University Sound
Batteries, Chargers, Flashlights Alexander Batteries, Best Power Technology, Bright Star, Dantona, Duracell, Eveready, Gates Energy Products, Interstate Battery, Johnson Controls, Mag Instruments/Mag-Lite, Pelican Products, Power Sonic, Ray-O-Vac, TDI Batteries, Varta
Bells, Beacons, Horns Atlas-Soundolier, Federal Signal, Mallory/Sonalert, Maxi-Signal, Tomar Electronics

Cabinets, Enclosures, Storage

Akro-Mils, Atlas-Soundolier, Bud Industries, Wiegmann, Schaefer's

Cable Clamps, Ties

All-States, Greenlite, Ideal Industries, Panduit, Russell Industries. Speedy-TYS/Waldom, Thomas & Betts, Tyton

CCTV, cameras Panasonic, Pro-Video/Speco, CBC Amercia
Chemicals, Adhesives Chemtronics, CRC, GC Electronics, Kester Solder, Klein Tools/Vaco, Krylon, LPS, Panduit, Sprayon, Super Lube, Tech Spray, Tri Flow,WD-40
Circuit Boards, Accessories Augat, Datak, GC Electronics, OK Industries, Platt Luggage, Ungar/Cooper Tools, Weller/Cooper Tools
Circuit Breakers EE Controls, Idec Corp
Computer-Telecom Network Products & Accessories Aim Electronics, Alpha Wire, Amp Netcon Division, Belden, Bussmann, Corcom/Mallory, Easy/Black Box, EFI, Fluke Instruments, GC Electronics, IBM Clones, Krone MMM Electrical Products, North Hills Electronics, North Supply, Paladin, Pan Pacific, Panduit, Perma Power, Philmore Manufacturing, QVSC, Ray-O-Vac, Remee, Sola Electric, Staco, Superior Electric, Tripp-Lite, Waber
Connectors, Sockets Aim Electronics, Amphenol, Augat, Belden, Cambridge Products, Cinch/TRW, Daniel Woodhead, Easy/Black Box, GC Electronics, Ideal Industries Molex/Waldom Pan Pacific, Philmore Manufacturing,Phoenix Contract, Inc., Superior Electric, Switchcraft, Thomas & Betts, Weidmuller
Contactors Cutler Hammer/Eaton, Durakool, EE Controls, Furnas, General Electric/Volt-Pac, Magnecraft/MSD, Ohmite, Potter & Brumfield, Struthers Dunn/MSD, Telemecanique
Cord Connectors, Grips Alpha Wire, Brad Harrison, Cooper Wiring Devices, Daniel Woodhead, Thomas & Betts
Counter Totalizers/Timers Automatic Timing/Controls, Durant, Eagle Signal, Hecon, Idec Corp, Industrial Timer, Intermatic Modutec, Newport, Red Lion Controls, SSAC, Syracuse/Crouzet, Syrelec/Crouzet, Time Mark
Drives, AC Motortronics
Drives, DC Dart Controls
Electric Heaters and Controls Indeeco, Solitech
Encoders Hecon, Micro Switch/Honeywell, Namco Controls, Pepperl & Fuchs/P&F, Syrelec/Crouzet, Turck
Fans Bud Industries, Interfan, Papst/EBM, Orion Fans
Fiber Optics Amp Netcon Division, Amphenol, Belden, Micro Switch/Honeywell, Remee
Fuses/Accessories Brush Fuses, Bussmann, Carbonne-Ferraz, Ideal Industries, Littel Fuse

GC Electronics, Ideal Industries, Klein Tools/Vaco, Philmore Manufacturing, Waldom

Industrial PC Board and Electronic Control Repair Electrical South, Advanced Electronic Services
Input/Output Modules Gordos/Crouzet, Phoenix Contact Inc., Potter & Brumfield
Intrinsically Safe Electronic Controls and Barriers Pepperl & Fuchs/P&F, Turck
Inverters Tripp-Lite
Knobs Waldom
Labeling Systems Panduit, Phoenix Contact Inc., Thomas & Betts
Lamps, Indicators Chicago Miniature, Damar Worldwide, Dialite Idec Corp, Industrial Devices/IDI, Ledtronics, Luxo, Micro Lamps, Micro Switch/Honeywell, Norman Lamps, Selecta-Switch Inc., Sylvania/Osram, Telemecanique
Liquid Level Control National Controls/NCC, SSAC
Motors Crouzet, Dart Controls
Paint Krylon/Borden, Sprayon
Panel Instruments Crompton Inst. Co., Dart Controls, Durant, Modutec, Newport, Red Lion Controls, Simpson Electric, Triplett, Yokogawa/GE
Photoelectric Automatic Timing/Controls, Banner, Contrinex, Micro Switch/Honeywell, Namco Controls, Opcon, Pepperl & Fuchs/P&F, Photoswitch/AB, Tri-Tronics
Potentiometers,Counting Dials Bourns, Clarostat, Ohmite
Power Protection, Power Supplies Bogen Communications, Deltec, EE Controls, EFI, Epsco, GC Electronics, Newmar, Perma Power, Phoenix Contact Inc., Sola Electric, Superior Electric, Tripp-Lite,Waber
Programmable Controllers PLC Direct/Koyo
Programmable Message Displays Red Lion Controls
Proximity Sensors Balluff, Contrinex, Crouzet, Go Switch, Hecon, Micro Switch/Honeywell, Namco Controls, Omron Opcon Pepperl & Fuchs/P&F, Square D, Syrelec Crouzet, Telemecanique, Turck
Raceway-Duct Aim Electronics, Alpha Wire, Panduit, Thomas & Betts Unistrut,Waber
Recorders Chart A. W. Sperry, Amprobe, Rustrak, Simpson Electric
Relays-Solenoids Agastat, Amperite, Continental Industries, Crydom, Deltrol Controls, Diversified Electronics, Durakool, Eagle Signal, Gordos/Crouzet, Idec Corp., Magnecraft/MSD, NTE, Namco Controls, Omron, Potter & Brumfield, Schrack, SSAC, Struthers Dunn/MSD, Syracuse/Crouzet, Syrelec/Crouzet, Telemecanique, Time Mark, Turck
Resistors, Rheostats Bourns, Clarostat, Ohmite
Semi-conductors Most major brands
Shrink Tubing Carey, Ideal Industries, Panduit, Thomas & Betts
Signal Conditioners Action Instruments, Inkontrol, Pepperl & Fuchs/P&F, Phoenix Contact Inc., Red Lion Controls,
Solder/Desolder Equipment, Heat Guns Alpha Wire, American Beauty, Chemtronics, Edsyn, GC Electronics, Hakkon Ideal Industries, Kester Solder Master Appliance OK Industries Portasol Ungar/Cooper Tools, Weller/Cooper Tools
Static Control Products Chemtronics, GC Electronics, Hakko Ideal Industries Platt Luggage, Ungar/Cooper Tools
Switches Alcoswitch/Augat, Arrow Hart/Eaton, C&K, Centralab, Cherry, Crouzet, Cutler Hammer/Eaton, Dialight, EE Controls, Electroswitch, GC Electronics, Go Switch, Idec Corp, Line Master, Micro Switch/Honeywell, Ohmite, Selecta-Switch Inc., Spemco, Switchcraft, Telemecanique
Tape 3M, Duck Tape, Electro Tape
Telephone Accessories Aim Electronics, Bogen Communications, Bussmann, GC Electronics, Ideal Industries, Panduit, Thomas & Betts Tripp-Lite, University Sound
Terminals Amp Netcon Division, Augat. Buchanan, Klein Tools/Vaco, Panduit, Penn Union, Phoenix Contact Inc., Thomas & Betts, Weidmuller
Test Instruments, Accessories A. W. Sperry, AEMC. Instruments, Ametek, Amprobe Beha/Greenlee, Biddle/AVO, Bird Electronics, Davis Instruments, E-Z Hook, EIL Instruments, Fluke Instruments, Harris Dracon, Ideal Industries, Newport, Non-Linear/NLS, OK Industries, Oldaker, Pasar/Amprobe, Rustrak, Santronics/Volt Pen, Simpson Electric, Square D, Tektronix Inc/, Test Products Inc., Tif Instruments, Triplett, UEI, Wavetek/Beckman `
Thermocouple Sensors-Wire Monitors Controls Omega National, Controls/NCC, Weed Instrument
Tools-Tool Cases Adel Tool, Aim Electronics, Amp Netcon Division, Amphenol, Arrow Fastener, Black & Decker, Cresent/Cooper Tools, Dimmond/Cooper Tools, Dremel, Eclipse Tools, GC Electronics, Greenlee, H.K. Porter/Cooper Tools, Ideal Industries, Klein Tools/Vaco, Lufkin/Cooper Tools, Makita, Nicholson/Cooper Tools, OK Industries, Paladin, Panvise, Panduit, Pelican Products, Platt Luggage, Plumb/Cooper Tools, Proto/Stanley Tool, Thomas & Betts, Ungar/Cooper Tools, Utica/Cooper Tools, Weller/Cooper Tools,Wirewrap/Cooper Tools, Xcelite/Cooper Tools
Transformers, Power Supplies Dongan, Electra, General Electric/Volt-Pac, Magnetek/Triad, Sola Electric, Staco, Superior Electric, Tripp-Lite
Wire Cable, Cord Cable Assemblies Aim Electronics, Alpha Wire, Amp Netcon Division, Amphenol, Belden, Carol Cable, GC Electronics, Houston Wire & Cable/HWC, Manhatten, Mohawk Wire, OK Industries, Pan Pacific, Remee, Thomas & Betts
Wiring Accessories Aim Electronics, Alpha Wire, Easy/Black Box, GC Electronics, Greenlee,Ideal Industries, OK Industries, Paladin, Panduit, Thomas & Betts Wirewrap/Cooper Tools

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